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Still the masters of our domains … for now

So … you might have noticed we have a shitty new website. We’ll do our level best to keep it up to date and lively.

However … Dr. G  (stingy bastard) fled the country and stuck us with the bill for website hosting and domain names. So we’re going to need to pass the hat to raise $70 to keep our website up and running. (I’d pay for it myself, but frankly, you can buy a lot of beer for $70.)

So if you have any money to kick in, let us know and we’ll send one of our enforcers to your house to collect it. (Or, just bring it to the next hash.)

Join Rotten Groton for a Hand Job Hash

Our friends out in the state’s eastern hinterlands have extended the following invitation. Come out this weekend and show them some love.

Join the RgH3 as we give a little love to our neighbor to the north and celebrate Canada Day a day early this Saturday, June 30th, eh.

Hare: Hand Job
When: Saturday, June 30, 2012 @3:00pm
Where: parking lot of Mystic Dental Group (117 Cow Hill road, Mystic CT)
Stroller-able? Ish (some roads are busy, you may need to lift stoller over roots)
Dog-able? yep
Bring: $5, whistle, drinking vessel, change of clothes for poison ivy, bug spray, tick gear (I cannot emphasize those last two items enough)
On After? of course!. . .no clue where though

Get there
Take I-95 towards Groton/Mystic
Take Exit 89 (Allyn St/Mystic St)
Turn Left
Take the first right onto Cow Hill Road
Destination will be on the right.

Next Hash: Tap That Teacher 7/7

TTTThe lovely TTT has volunteered to hare the 7/7 hash. Stay tuned for details. Also, we’re looking for hares in August, so contact HIG if you’re available.

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