7/7 Run Details Announced: Craven in ‘Staven

This just in from Tap that Teacher, who finally took a break from her globetrotting long enough to give us details of the next hash.

OK, got it, finally, I know, I know. I guess I’ll just have to drink for my last-minuteness.

Meet at 2:00pm East Haven, McDermott Chevrolet parking lot, just off I-95N, in front of Crown Billiards. Hash Cash $5. Trail A-A, 4-5 miles. Walker trail on demand, email me if needed. One beer check w/AC. Shiggy and pavement, not stroller friendly. Sorry, not enough energy to even make it sound good. 😛

By the way, the hareline got a little bit screwed up in the transition to the new website. I think this is Run 104, but if anyone knows different


2 responses

  1. Don’t forget – 2 o’clock, not 3 o’clock…my full social calendar demands an earlier start than usual. 95 degrees tomorrow – be sure to arrive naked. Trail is officially 3.5 miles now.Thanks!

  2. Don’t forget – 2 o’clock, not 3 o’clock as usual. My busy social calendar dictates that the run must begin earlier. 95 degrees tomorrow… please dress accordingly in your birthday suits. Trail now 3.5 miles. On On!

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