8/4 Hash Details Announced: The Quarry Story Hash

Come to Portland, on the banks of the Connecticut River, and find out what makes this small town historic and a bit hysteric.

Date: Saturday, Aug. 4

Time: 3pm

Hares: TweedleDumb and Hairy Fritter

On out: Under the Arrigoni Bridge

Trail: Eagle and Chicken trails; dog friendly; no poison ivy; one beer stop

Directions: 35 mins from New Haven – I-91 north to Route 66 east to Middletown; take a right immediately after crossing the Arrigoni bridge.

From New London – Route 2 north to Route 16 in Colchester; Route 16 west to Route 66; in Portland turn right just before Arrigoni bridge

More info: Bring swim stuff. Pool time and BBQ available after the circle.

Want to learn more? Call 860-600-3722


One response

  1. FiveMinuteLayover (FML for the win) | Reply

    Whoa! Cool new site!….I hear there will be a zippy feature on this trail. Looking forward to it!

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