7-23 Hash Recap

NHH3 Hasher Hentai Me Down reports Saturday’s New Haven hash was a success, although he managed to scare off yet another virgin. (This is becoming a problem.) Once again, our friends Handjob and Little Hummer Boy from Rotten Groton deserve a shout-out for driving down from New London in a show of support. These are classy folks, and therefore miserable failures as hashers, and they will be made to drink for their sins.


2 responses

  1. FiveMinuteLayover (FML for the win) | Reply

    I believe that was TweedleDumb and Leapfrog is off climbing Crabtree in foreign countries. It was a good time out – if a little fast with all the BBQ’ing damn drunks (self included) were running off to.
    I second the scared virgin comment…..come on you bastards wait until they show up the third time before you try to get in them, on them or over them!

  2. What do I know? I wasn’t there.

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