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9/29 Hash Details Announced: Milford Death March

We almost let the year slip by without a death march at the beach. Here’s what you need to know:

Date: Saturday, Sept. 29

Time: 3:30 p.m.

Start: Chez Icebox, corner of Surf and East Broadway, Milford, Conn.

Details: Trail will be A to A with an Ice Cream Check at Walnut Creamery.  Chicken and Eagle trails. On-In will be Bethel-Style (short circle followed by pot-luck) chez Icebox. Main dish (salmon) provided by host. Please bring a salad, side, dessert or $10 hash-cash.

D’Erections: From I-95: Exit 35, Schoolhouse Road/Bic Drive. This is 2 exits south of the Milford Connector. At the bottom of the exit, turn south (towards the water, away from the Red Roof Inn). If you pass a Fairfield Inn on your left you are going the right way. Up over the RR tracks, and at the light (Route 1) turn left. At the first light (Silver Sands Parkway) turn right. At the next light (Meadowside Drive, the entrance to Silver Sands park will be in front of you) turn left. Stop at the stop sign, then keep going to the light (Robert Treat). Turn right and head down the hill. Chez Icebox is on your left, in the grey condos just before the red flashy light. Park in any spot in the lot without a number, or on East Broadway (there is lots of room if you turn left at the flashy light).

Lost? 386-383-0953

Hope to see you there!
– Poles and Icebox.


9/15 trail report

Little Hummer Boy was good enough to provide the following report from Saturday’s trail, for those of you who were too hung over to make it.

Hail to our hare, Hentai Me Down! Alone and unafraid, he set a trail in this city which, as it turns out, has a university in it.

Just Jordan (a first timer with the New Haven H3), Kamanawanalayya-eh (a returner of old), Hand Job and myself set off for what we were sure to be a shiggy filled romp through New Haven. As it turns out, we only hit a small portion of shiggy but it did have a porta-potty (working for those of you who may wonder) so “shiggy” may be pushing it.

The trail had tributes to some of the city’s finest, learned lessons, and a solid buffalo wings recomendation.

Please see the Google Earth Trails folder on Yahoo! Groups (NH4 Run #109.kmz) for more details. God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll see you in 2 weeks!

On on, Little Hummer BoyRgH3

9/15 Hash Details Announced: Hentai’d in New Haven

Date: Saturday, Sept. 15

Time: 3 p.m.

Start: Anna Liffey’s, 17 Whitney Ave., New Haven

Hare: Hentai Me Down

Hear ye Hear ye, because I have problems typing this out even once, you don’t want me to try a second time.

Saturday September 15th: A -A trail, somewhere in the realm of 5-mi Eagle, with a chicken laid upon request. Request early, or you may be chasing my lazy ass through New Haven.

On-In is at 17 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT Anna Liffeys Pub. why? Because they are apparently one of a dying breed of bars that serves friggin pitchers! And even then I had to get a special favor from the manager. Luckily I can be convincing. 

Anyway, for those of you with your head in the sand, or stuffed elsewhere, we’ll have a visiting hasher from Hershy. I think that’s in Switzerland or something.

Now stop bothering me, I’m trying to avoid doing homework.

I’m on a horse.

Up and Cumming (RgH3 events)

Upcoming events from our friends at Rotten Groton Hash House Harriers. On-on!

9/1 Trail Report

Little Hummer Boy (RgH3) offers the following account of Smashmouth’s 9/1 trail …

Though the pack was small and the humidity was up, the pack energy was mediocre. Well, I guess that does follow suit.

After waiting 30 minutes for our hare to show up, the group finally concluded we were not in the right start location (it takes a while for groups to get it right even when some know the answer). Moments later, the pack was ready to brave the trail without so much as speaking with the hare.

As the pack set off, I realized that I had not brought proper hashing attire (shoes in which I could use to get to the beer quicker) so I would have to hoof it around in sandals. Little (Hummer Boy)did I know that was not to be a problem…

If you would like to follow the heroics of the pack, check out the NH4 Run #108.kmz file in the Google Earth file folder in Yahoo! Groups. Be sure to select the different points of interest along the trail (mostly marked by yellow font) for more information about this trail in particular.

Bottom Line: If you find yourself trusting the hare, have someone smack you. I’m not talking about the pat-on-the-tush-that-makes-you-think-that-extracurricular-activities are-about-to-ensue smack, I’m talking the rearing-back-to-get-a-180-degree-arc-of-travel-before-it-hits-you smack. Because that’s what you deserve.

On on,

Little Hummer Boy

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