9/1 Trail Report

Little Hummer Boy (RgH3) offers the following account of Smashmouth’s 9/1 trail …

Though the pack was small and the humidity was up, the pack energy was mediocre. Well, I guess that does follow suit.

After waiting 30 minutes for our hare to show up, the group finally concluded we were not in the right start location (it takes a while for groups to get it right even when some know the answer). Moments later, the pack was ready to brave the trail without so much as speaking with the hare.

As the pack set off, I realized that I had not brought proper hashing attire (shoes in which I could use to get to the beer quicker) so I would have to hoof it around in sandals. Little (Hummer Boy)did I know that was not to be a problem…

If you would like to follow the heroics of the pack, check out the NH4 Run #108.kmz file in the Google Earth file folder in Yahoo! Groups. Be sure to select the different points of interest along the trail (mostly marked by yellow font) for more information about this trail in particular.

Bottom Line: If you find yourself trusting the hare, have someone smack you. I’m not talking about the pat-on-the-tush-that-makes-you-think-that-extracurricular-activities are-about-to-ensue smack, I’m talking the rearing-back-to-get-a-180-degree-arc-of-travel-before-it-hits-you smack. Because that’s what you deserve.

On on,

Little Hummer Boy


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