9/15 trail report

Little Hummer Boy was good enough to provide the following report from Saturday’s trail, for those of you who were too hung over to make it.

Hail to our hare, Hentai Me Down! Alone and unafraid, he set a trail in this city which, as it turns out, has a university in it.

Just Jordan (a first timer with the New Haven H3), Kamanawanalayya-eh (a returner of old), Hand Job and myself set off for what we were sure to be a shiggy filled romp through New Haven. As it turns out, we only hit a small portion of shiggy but it did have a porta-potty (working for those of you who may wonder) so “shiggy” may be pushing it.

The trail had tributes to some of the city’s finest, learned lessons, and a solid buffalo wings recomendation.

Please see the Google Earth Trails folder on Yahoo! Groups (NH4 Run #109.kmz) for more details. God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll see you in 2 weeks!

On on, Little Hummer BoyRgH3


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