Update: Hare today, gone tomorrow

We’ve lost our hare for Saturday’s NHH3 hash. Congdonon writes:

Due to a fractured tibia, the hare will not be able to set a trail for this Saturday in New Haven, as previously announced. If anyone else would like to set, please feel free, although given that HIG had knee surgery after planning on this date, it is possible that the date itself – Oct 13 – is just plain bad luck.

Also, if the thought of a visually arresting hash had gotten you excited, feel free to be arrested for doing something visual.

Want to sub? Contact HIG.


One response

  1. Alright wankers, 10/13 has proved itself a cursed day for hares, but a good half-mind knows not the meaning of quit. Trail tomorrow will be the Readers Digest version. Detrails:

    Start: Christopher Martin’s pub, 860 State St., 2PM, for prelube. Pack will leave around 2:30-3 for their choice of a 15 minute walk or 5 minute drive to Erection, er, Erector Square for the free City-Wide Open Studios Art exhibition to enjoy a little culture. After such enjoyable time has passed, HIG will conduct circle outside and away from prying eyes, most likely around 5pm. Weather will be 55 and sunny, so bring appropriate clothes for outside activity. Hash cash is $5 for down down beers and snacks, prelube is on you.

    Fun fact, Erector Square is named for where they made erector sets.

    See you tomorrow at 2!

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