Rotten Groton H3 11/17 — Ice Age … the Down Down Hash

This just in from our friends in Groton.

From the Hare: All are welcome except Sid the fucking sloth (see? Aren’t you glad you saw the movie?–hj), its a running club not a meandering club. Walkers do your thing as long as it’s not on 3 toes. All the wankers expecting a melt down will probably get wet. If you can’t stay warm blame, Al Gore he claims global warming is a pandemic. Plan to spot plenty of woolly mammoths– Its winter and lord knows the women stop shaving (the last time I did something this cold she just came out of the morgue).

Where: 215 Stoddards Wharf Road *NOTE CHANGE OF ADDRESS*

When: 2:00 November 17, 2012

On After: Valentino’s (BYOB?) or somewhere similar but more awesome (725 Colonel Ledyard Highway Ledyard, CT 06339)

What: 3 “beer” stops, may include a little extra to warm your soul, who are we kidding you don’t have one. A trail with lots of shiggy, rough terrain and a great potential to get wet…this is hashing!

Dogable: maybe. . .depends on the dog

Strollerable: nope, leave ‘em with the babysitter and enjoy the bejeezus out of those 3 drink checks.

Want more? Visit the RgH3 website, you lazy fuck.


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