Mark Your Calendars: Get Your Santa On 12/15

Hey all,

drunk-santaSince the weather has turned colder, many (not all, I don’t mean you), New Haven Hashers have gone into hibernation for the winter. The powers that be (what they be, we’re not sure), have decided to switch to a once a month schedule for the winter.

Anyone who would like to set trail any other date is of course welcome, as long as it doesn’t suck. That said, our next scheduled date is Dec. 8th, but we’re going to move that to Dec. 15th to coincide with New Haven’s Santa Con Pub crawl.

Trail will be in New Haven, duh, trail will start much earlier than usual, somewhere around noon, and we ask that you wear a Santa costume, an elf or snowman or Snow Miser costume – use your imagination – or at least a darn hat – I’ll bring extras. Hash cash 8 bucks, multiple beer checks, lots o’ Santas.

Anyone who wants to hare in January or February, leave a message here.

Be on the lookout for details on next year’s HASHMAT Hash – always a great time!

Tap That Teacher


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