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NHH3 Run 116 — HIG’s Return

Hey wankers! Come on out for a fun trail next Saturday. Scenic, little shiggy, and at least half is downhill!

WHEN: 1/26/13 1 p.m. <——– NOTE THIS STARTS AT 1 P.M.
WHERE: 29 Main St., Hamden, CT.  Parking lot for West Rock Park at Wintergreen Lake
WHAT: 3-4 mile trail, not stroller friendly, dog friendly on leashes, beer check, A-A,
HARE: Hi, I’m Gay.

Hash cash is $5, and I’ll have some snacks and good beer at the end, and probably some form of hot alcoholic beverage. If they allowed campfires I would have one, but they don’t.

Come out and get your fix because HASHMAT is only a month away!


Special, Limited-Time Offer: Register for HashMat NOW for Your FREE HashMat Suit

biohazard suitRegister NOW for HashMat VI and we’ll throw in a FREE HashMat Suit. If you’re one of the next five people to register for HashMat VI, we’ll hook you up with your very own HashMat jumpsuit, complete with our new logo! Look sharp while protecting yourself from biohazardous materials of all sorts. (Gas mask, latex gloves and condoms sold separately!)

For details and registration, click here.

… and now, a word from our supplier.

mailbagThought I’d pass along the following exchange I had with a company that contacted our website looking to drum up business with the NHH3.

From: Danielle A——–
Email: d—–

Subject: Good afternoon!

I came across your running club’s information and wanted to reach out to you to see if you think any of your runners may be interested in some of our reflective products. I would be glad to talk to you about the different products we have to offer. You can check out our website at I would love to send you a catalog, if you could provide me with an address. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you! I hope to hear from you soon!


Danielle A—-
Account Representative
Sayre Enterprises, Inc.


To: Danielle A—-
Re: Good Afternoon!

Hi, Danielle. Thanks for writing.

I think you may have fallen prey to some common misconceptions about our organization, the Hash House Harriers, and hashing in general.

We are not a r*nning club. We are a drinking club. Some of us have a r*nning problem. (See? We don’t even like to use that word!)

I have no doubt that your company’s excellent product line can significantly enhance r*unning safety. If we had any sense, we’d probably give serious thought to using your products. But we don’t have any sense. Quite frankly, if safety were at all a concern for us, we probably wouldn’t lube up with beer and hard liquor and then go chasing each other through the busy urban streets of New Haven, singing blasphemous and filthy songs in earshot of local churches and schools.

That said, if your company is interested in our business, it could probably find a market for reflective versions of the following items:
* mugs
* kilts
* red dresses
* beer
* codpieces
* nipple pasties
* blow-up dolls
* condoms
* Viagara

If your company is interested in providing any of these items, please staple your catalog to a case of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, and send it to the New Haven Hash House Harriers, care of Blowing You Softly, and we’ll get back to you when we sober up.


HashMat VI Hotel Information

Can’t find a couch to crash on for HashMat? Here are some options.

New Haven Hotel 
Less than 1/4 mile from our HashMat r*n on Saturday, this hotel offers a small discount by calling and mentioning “HashMat” in the reservation. The rate is $159 per night. Call 800-644-6835 (800-NH-HOTEL).

La Quinta New Haven
A mile from our HashMat r*n on Saturday, La Quinta offers basic amenities. The $81 nightly rate includes a “brightside” breakfast and wifi. Call 203-562-1111 and mention “Hashmat” to get the slightly reduced rate.

For other options, call Katella Travel, 888-248-2439 to book reservations at no additional charge.

Register Now for Connecticut’s Largest Hashing Event, the 2013 HashMat Hash (Feb. 22-24)

BiohazardbeerbarrelGet ready to freeze your buns off in New Haven with our 6th annual celebration of our patriarch, Dr. Gonad, getting arrested for laying trail past IKEA.

  • Friday, February 22: This year’s event features a Friday night prelube pub crawl to get you acquainted with several of New Haven’s sub-prime watering holes. Additional details TBA.
  • Saturday, February 23: The main event starts from the Anchor Bar, 272 College Street, New Haven, CT. Trail will be A-A, turkey/eagle split, beer check, 3-5 miles. As with last year, trail will be book-ended by open bar and dinner after circle. We’re even going the extra mile this year to plan an afterparty for those looking to prolong the magic.
  • Sunday, February 24: Hangover hash with more beer and bloodies. Details TBA.

Due to the economic crisis and a few other surprises we’re plotting, um, I mean planning, the price for HashMat has risen slightly to $26.50 if you pre-register ($41.50 if you want a shirt), and $30 for registration on Saturday ($45 if we have shirts leftover). Friday and Sunday are a la carte and details will be announced later.

For those unacquainted with the pleasures of hashing, check out our FAQ page, as well as the great information at Half-Mind.

Please feel free to post this to any and all hashing listservs, and thanks!



You can register for HashMat VI securely using PayPal. Just click the button below. After entering your payment information, please note in the appropriate field your hash name and your t-shirt size (if you’re ordering one).

Registration options:

  • Rego without shirt: $26.50
  • Rego with shirt: $41.50


1/26 NHH3 Hash: HIG Returns (and Hashmat update)

Brian's Knobby KneesHey Wankers!

Did you miss me? I didn’t think so. I’ve recovered from my knee meniscus repair surgery and am ready to lay shitty shitty trail again. Of course, I haven’t tried r*nning on the knee yet, so setting trail may be interesting!

The next NH4 hash is set for 1/26/13 at 1PM (it gets dark fast!). Details will be forthcumming soon, but you can bet trail will be 3-5 miles, A-A with a beer check, $5 hash cash, and within a 20 minute drive of New Haven.

Also of note,


This year’s HashMat weekend, February 22-24 will again feature a Friday prelube pubcrawl, Saturday trail at the Anchor Bar, and Sunday hangover hash. Look for more details to be announced next week!


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