NHH3 Hash 118 — Lean, Mean, Green and Obscene

drunk_leprechaunThere once was a runner who had a wet dream that he get racy and hot wearing nothing but green. The New Haven Hash had what it seemed to make up a run naughty and obscene. March 16th is the place to be for hares and harriets who want to pee green!

Wear something Green, St. Patty’s Day theme, win extra points for being obscene. That’s right break out that lime green teddy. Dust off those shamrock boxers. Show off the lucky charms with that green g-string.

Saturday March 16

1 p.m.

Christy’s Irish Pub
261 Orange Street
New Haven, CT 06522

A to A with lots of B in between. Hash cash $10

Haberdashery in NHH3 style! Didn’t get your Hashmat Shirt? Bring some cash! Penis Fly Trap virgins will sure to be in supply for all the lonely and hard up! No cars will be lost in the making of this production…. OK, it probably will.

We are planning a Pre-Lube Harriet Pink Taco dinner on the 15th at 8p. Any Harriets who know the value of a good rabbit over a bad hare should join us!!! On topic besides wankers and good booze will be some Female led events this summer. Send Penis Fly Trap or FML a message if you think you wanna be there.


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