Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Rabbits and Chicks trail

When one thinks of Easter, they think of rabbits and chicks. Well the New Haven Hash thinks nothing but tits and dicks.

This holiday weekend forgo time with those loving and dear, And get trashy and vulgar off our New Haven Hash beer!

Some asshats call us “square,” But you’ll never know if you’re not there!

Penis Fly Trap and Hentai have something naughty in store. You certainly won’t call it a bore.

Hell we may even leave you raw and sore. As these two hares know how to leave you wanting MORE!

Where: Dunn’s Pub, 2345 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT

Time: 2:30 hst

Hash Cash $10

Promises: Special raffle prizes from a Penis Fly Trap perspective. 😉

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