Science Hash – May 25th

Cum one! Cum all to the first anal Science Themed Hash R*n! Why is it science themed you may ask? Our answer, “Because, FOR SCIENCE!”

I know what you’re thinking; we must be the square root of two because we are so irrational! That may be true, but at least we can promise you a good time –or at least a positive reaction.

Promises: Short trail that will not only stimulate your myosin heads and fast twitch fibers, but also your digestive system as there will be a special BBQ/meal afterwards.

But the fun won’t stop there. There will also be a final r*n to test our Hasher’s endurance of beer and running. That’s right a Beer Mile! Let’s see who has the best time or who can at least finish!

There will also be other intoxicating experiments planned, so be sure to bring your lab coats and eagerness to participate in the name of science! Seriously the geeker you are the better! I would make another good chem joke, but all the good ones argon.

Cost: $10 if you bring nothing. $5 if you bring an item for everyone to eat!

(If you are bringing a tasty item please comment on the FB page!)

Hares: Jack Off All Trades and Penis Fly Trap

Where: 354 Woodmont Road, Milford, CT 06460

When: May 25th at 3:00 hst

If we still have not sold you into cumming just remember what Albert Einstein said (well what PFT thinks he said), “There are only 3 things that are infinite. The universe, human stupidity, and the amount of beer at the New Haven H3.”

science dog


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