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It must be hunting season!

Why you ask? Because our hares keep dropping like flies, that’s why! A new hare is needed for August 3rd. Please step up and set trail if you can.

A cautionary tale: 

Listen up children, and take care, should you end up like this here hare,

She went to camp, she went to hash, didn’t know it would end in a flash.

FML, our very good friend, went to Rochester, where it would end.

Flour City they are named, and yes, they should be ashamed.

For their circle contained fire, though this we all should admire.

“Step right on up!” they said to her, and FML, well she said “Sure!”

Though “come near the fire” they said, “jump in the fire” she heard.

She thought it was for a toast, but alas, her legs did roast.

To the docs she sped in haste, and there right now she awaits.

New skin for her legs, and more beer from kegs.

So the moral of the story – don’t be road whory! STAY IN NEW HAVEN, DAMNIT!

…but seriously, FML will be okay, and yes, this post does have her approval! 🙂 If you want to send her a message while she’s recovering in Rochester, her email is


Heat wave hash – July 20th

Let’s try to beat this heat with a run on the shoreline and some cold beers!

Where: Parking lot of Stop and Shop on Bridgeport Ave. in Milford. Near the gas station.

When: 4:00pm…who the heck Wants to run in the midday heat anyways??

Deets: $5 hash cash, A to A, some shiggy, maybe water, who knows? On after at a spectacular dive bar in stunning downtown Milford!

Hare: Tap That Teacher, 203.988.4593


Trail July 6th you ask? Of course!

Sure there is! …as long as you hare!

Hares needed for the next two trails: July 6th and July 20th.

Just leave a comment here if you’re up for haring either date.

Hashers stepping up! July 6th and July 20th taken! You all rock, I don’t care what anyone says!

Next 4 trails:

July 6: Duck Duck Oops – our fearless transplant, our very own “eager beaver”!!

July 20: Jack Off All Trades – more details to follow, but epic of course.

August 3: Five Minute Layover – …as far as I know…

August 17; Tap That Teacher: Somewhere east of New Haven – shoreline trail

Times and details will be announced at least 2 hours before the scheduled start of the hash. 🙂

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