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Hear ye, hear ye!


Cum one, cum all!  Mismanagement Erections will be held on:

Saturday, September 7th


O’Toole’s on Orange Street, New Haven

Let your voice be heard – many positions available. If you want to be considered, cum on down and let us know.

Next Run: stock-photo-6325109-cherub-blowing-horn-by-breaking-wind

WHAT? NHH3 Blow Your Own Damn Self Trail 128(ish)
WHEN? Saturday, Aug. 31, 3 p.m.
WHERE? Odie’s Place
WHERE? BYS and anyone fool enough to lay trail with him.

Upcumming Runs – hares needed!!

Saturday, Sept. 14th

Saturday, Sept. 28th – FML

Saturday, Oct. 5th – TTT

Saturday, Oct. 12th

Saturday, Oct. 19th

Saturday, Oct. 26th

Next Trail Aug. 16th

Trail info for the 3 pee-em Saturday NH4 trail!

Once there were two hares,
who knew they couldn’t be snared.
So they cun-cock-ted a devious trail,
in order to cause hounds’ yells.
The trail was to be cruel,
so they brought beer along as fuel.
Penis Fly Trap writes better than I,

so fuck it, I will stop try…ing.

Trail Info for Saturday!

Trail will be 2 ish miles, filled with muck and thorns, and you’d be smart to bring your shiggy gear. Short distances might fool some, but you can’t run through marsh reeds.

Beer? HELL yes there will be beer. How many checks you might ask? 2 Beer checks, courtesy of the People’s Beer of Richmond…. (PBR)

Shiggy factor? There will be an estimated 3 out of 5 shiggy factor

Horrors/dogs? Please, do not bring them along, you’ll need all your appendages (some more than others) to navigate the trail.

What to bring: 5 dollars for trail (we hares are cheap tricks), Virgins for booben, Vessels for boozen, Dry bag so you are acceptable at the on-after, and Shiggy socks to protect your virgin shins.

D’Erections to start: Trail will be A-A, and will start from the parking lot to the athletic fields behind James Hillhouse High School — 357-399 Munson St
New Haven, CT 06511. If you get to the high school, off of Sherman pkwy, Turn left on Munson and immediately on the right is a parking lot to two athletic fields (open dawn-dusk). We’ll get in, get out, and quick fucking about, so find your way here.

On-after to be determined

Forewarning: The hares will be hung-over, and are likely to give no shits about what we run through, bring TECHNU and IVYBLOCK if you’re so inclined, but shiggy socks should suffice.

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