Hear ye, hear ye!


Cum one, cum all!  Mismanagement Erections will be held on:

Saturday, September 7th


O’Toole’s on Orange Street, New Haven

Let your voice be heard – many positions available. If you want to be considered, cum on down and let us know.

Next Run: stock-photo-6325109-cherub-blowing-horn-by-breaking-wind

WHAT? NHH3 Blow Your Own Damn Self Trail 128(ish)
WHEN? Saturday, Aug. 31, 3 p.m.
WHERE? Odie’s Place
WHERE? BYS and anyone fool enough to lay trail with him.

Upcumming Runs – hares needed!!

Saturday, Sept. 14th

Saturday, Sept. 28th – FML

Saturday, Oct. 5th – TTT

Saturday, Oct. 12th

Saturday, Oct. 19th

Saturday, Oct. 26th


2 responses

  1. September 28th is taken 🙂

  2. Little Hummer Boy | Reply

    Does Blowing You Softly still need a co-hare? I’ll do if it’s still open.

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