Next Hash – Virgin Hare Hash – NEW LOCATION!!

Due to unforeseen circumstances our previous hare had to step down from haring this week’s trail. But not to fear, we’ve got a virgin hare willing to take her place! Don’t You Dare Close Your Eyes will be setting trail in his neck of the woods for our hashing pleasure.

This hash theme is: “PULLING IT OUT OF MY ASS…Rectum? Hell, it damn near killed him!” …Don’t ask questions people.

Where: Meet in Wooster Square, New Haven. North end of the park, near Greene Street, between Academy and Wooster Place. Convene at the stone picnic table. And if you can’t find us with these directions, maybe you should re-consider hashing….

When: 1:00pm. 1:00pm. Note the earlier time (ahem, Smashmouth).

What: Trail A to A. Maybe some shiggy, maybe not. Yes beer.

Co-hare/mentor/advisee/’teacher’/bad influence…..Tap That Teacher.

The idyllic setting for our cute little r*nning group….

Wooster Square 4 9 13


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