New Haven H3 Run No. 144: Three’s a Hash

stooges3 is a pretty awesome number. It’s the number of Babe Ruth, Dale Earnhardt, and Russell Wilson. There are three periods in a hockey game, and the 3-point shot revolutionized basketball.

There were three Musketeers, three Stooges, three Little Pigs, and three Bee Gees.

There are three words in Tap That Teacher, three syllables in cranium, and three letters in DFL.

There’s even a house on Woodward Avenue that has three hashers living in it – and where “3-man” is often played.

So, for the third hash of this third month to be held by the New Haven H3, put on your three-peice suit (or other outfit that incorporates 3 in some way) and join us for a celebration of threedom! And threer. I mean beer.

DATE: Saturday, March 29
TIME: 3 p.m. (duh) HST
WHERE: O’Sullivan’s Island Recreation Park, Derby. Follow Caroline Street all the way to the southern end where it meets the Greenway, then park in the lot under the Route 8 bridge.


  • 3 forms of ID (we will be going into bars)
  • 3 vessels (we will be spending time outside of bars as well)
  • 3 changes of clothes for the on-after
  • 3 virgins
  • 3 cheers for all things 3!

(OK, you really only need one of each of these. Except the virgins. Definitely 3 virgins.)


One response

  1. Looks like you will have 3 Richmond H3 wankers joining you. A Wiffle, some Jorts and a Cunt are on their way next weekend.

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