Tap That Teacher’s Sexy Post Independence Day Hash (with Fireworks!!)!


Okay, so there’s a new Web Wanker updating posts to the New Haven Hash House Harriers’ site, and he’s taking a little liberty with the sexiness-factor of this posting.  Just accept it and move on.

On Saturday, July 5th, you’re invited to one of the best-damned-out-of-our-comfort-zone Hashes ever to be attempted in the Greater New Haven area in all of 2014!  This, of course, is because the Hash is in Wallingford and it begins at 6:00 PM.  Hang on to your hat, here goes:

Tap That Teacher (Tappy, to her friends and confidants) is haring a Hash with the intent of getting the whole damn kennel to a spectacular fireworks show in the wonderful town of Wallingford on Saturday, July 5th.  There are promises of Beer Checks (this may have been made up by your Web Wanker), and at least two checks where patriotic songs are to be sung (again, possibly made up).  What is NOT MADE UP is that there will be some shiggy on trail and that there will be an occasion for “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” at the Hash conclusion.

No excuses.  Get your hungover arses to Wallingford before 6:00 PM for the Hash Of The Summer.  You’ll be grateful you did.  This goes for Skull and Boners and  Rotten Groton Hashers, as well.  Hash Cash is $5, which covers some of the finest pisswater beer in Central Connecticut available.  Trail is A to Aish.  Did you see that Boners?  A to A-ISH.  If you go back to A there will ne NO BEER (we’re talking to you, Shut The Fuck Up).  A good time will be had by all!

P.S.  The attached map may be a little dumb-assish – check out 300 Church Street RT 68 & 150), Wallingford, CT on your GPS and BE ON TIME!!



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  1. Five Minute Layover | Reply

    Ha! That is funny! Don’t you Dare Close Your Eyes saying…”Don’t be late.” I heard you tried keeping visiting hashers from getting beer last hash!

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