Where were we? Oh, yeah…

So there were hashes, and there were hares, and whoopdy-effing-do there was drinking as punishment for such ass-biting trails where beer (BEER, fer Cryin-Out-Loud!) was punishment for the various eff ups committed by hares and hashers alike. How is it we live in such godforsaken times as when the consumption of beer is the albatross around our collective necks? Is this a great country, or what?

So, Smashmouth hared a shitty trail, which was enjoyed by all. His DFL Hasher simply reported that she’d forgotten to run. How un-racist is that? Certainly a Hash teetering on perfection (with the exception of effing Beer Checks, ya bastard!!). We also had the opportunity to celebrate New Haven Hash House Harriers 150th Hash (do I hear Wahoos from your collective keyboards?). Tap That Teacher (TTT, or “Tappy,” to her friends) ensured there was cake. And maybe some beer. But mostly cake. There may or may not be a photo of said cake placed with adept accuracy from your moderator. If no, get over it…

HASH 151!! An Evening Hash. Waaaaaaaayyyy outside our comfort zone. A Shitty Hash, nonetheless! Cut to the the chase: Hare didn’t have the wherewithall to remove cranium gear, and got boozed up as a result. She issues a decree the Don’tYouDareCloseYourEyes NEVER Beer Bitches again and he revels in her edict. Waa to the effing Hoo (again).

Also noted were the vacant names of Michi, and Zoltan, or Master Cyborg, or Velaciraptor. or blue, no wait, it’s green-haired guy. Jesus cricket, Is his Nerd Name Loki? Who the eff is Loki? Is he a cupcake in a Mario Brothers game? Anyhoo, names were discussed and the amourous nature of these two hashers were addresses again and again. We can’t name them BOTH fucks like bunnies, can we?

At this point your moderator pipes is about the language. If you can’t handle it, hang the fuck on to your hat, because it becomes funner…

We hemmed and hawed for a good two minutes, and these two Hashers were named! May I introduce Mishi Horni and Misho Sari, with requisite and stereotipical (and wildly demeaning) bows.

Why in the fuck is your Sari-wearing habit on here? En serio? Put that junk away!!!


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