Hentai’s Mystery DMV Hash!


“What could be better than a Hash with an On Out at the local office of the Department of Motor Vehicles?” I ask you.

Well, duh, a Hash with an On In at the Bureau of Free Beer and Loose Sexual Morals is the obvious choice, but that ain’t happening this Hash.  Likely not the next Hash either, so cool your damn jets already.

Hare Hentai Me Down has a delightful if not mysterious Hash in mind for this Saturday when he lays trail from the Hamden DMV.  Hentai has been away for several weeks, so he’s certain to have a Hasherific trail in mind, concocting a fine balance of shiggy and suburban trails.  There are a promised two beer checks on an unstrollerable trail (unstrollerable = shiggy, or at least wheel-sucking muck) that promises three-to-five miles of Hashing from A to A.  Hash Cash is $5.00, which is always a bargain.  On Out is 3:00 PM, or roughly 2:30 PM for our European Hashers and Groton’s Binoc.

Oh, and wear your finest bandana to welcome Hentai back!


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