Today is International Beer Day!


August is here and it’s time to celebrate the traditions of International Beer Day, that little-known holiday that appeared on the calendar in 2007 (per Wikipedia, the recognized source of truthiness worldwide)!  What does that mean to Hashers?  After all, isn’t every day beer day?  Perhaps we can collectively celebrate International Drink More Beer Day, instead.

Tomorrow is Mathole’s August Holiday Hash, so please pace your consumption tonight – You don’t want to be celebrating International Hangover Day on trail.  My phone says there’s a 55 percent chance of rain at the On Out, but my phone is usually a big fat liar.  It’s best to be prepared since we Hash regardless of the weather.  I recommend waterproofing your holiday-themed r*nning togs.  It might be a good idea to wear new shoes, too.

Don’t forget to RSVP at either the Facebook page or MeetUp.  Math needs to make sure there’s enough beer on hand, so hook a brother up with a hea… er, cranium count.  And bring Hash Cash in small denominations so the Hare doesn’t have to concern himself with who he owes change for a $50.  Lastly, New Haven Hash House Harrier patches will be available, $5 bucks cheap.

NH4_Hash_Logo (1)


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