Shitty Beer Tuesday Hash!

shitty beer tuesday


Five Minute Layover has been Hashing her way across ‘Merica and rousting Hashers along the way.  While in Phoenix (where it’s just too goddam hot to Hash but those crazy-ass bastards do it anyway) she ran into Trifukta, who’s temporarily trading the dry heat for the wet-and-oh-my-god-will-I-ever-stop-sweating-in-August Connecticut heat this week.  Hentai Me Down took note of this (via Facebook) and declared “I’ll effing drink to that!”  And by “drinking” he means “Hashing,” which is mostly drinking, but you already knew that.  Therefore:

Hentai Me Down Declares a Tuesday Night Pick Up Hash!  Or, for lack of a better theme, a Shitty Beer Tuesday Hash!  The premise is simple:  Meet at O’Toole’s in New Haven for an On Out at 6:30 HST on a fairly short trail and then get your ass back to O’Toole’s for more booze and a convenient On After.  Simple enough, right?  Details are:

On Out:  O’Toole’s Irish Pub, 157 Orange St, New Haven, CT 06510

Time:  6:30 Pee-M HST

Trail:  A to A

Hash Cash:  $5, but bring extra cash because $5 only goes so far when you’re boozing it up at O’Toole’s, even with the NH4 discount.

Habberdashery:  Anything but that goddam disposable undergarment, Bleeding Gash!  Just Ed is welcum to wear his Superman costume if he thinks that will help him get lucky.  And, as always, new shoes are encouraged.

On a quasi-unrelated note, the Hash Trash from this weekend’s EPIC SHIGGY and RIDE IN A COP CAR Hash Trash will be posted Wednesday.  Yup, the tale of Tap That Teacher’s ride with the Federales, the Skull and Boners-grade Shig-Fest, Shitty Diapers and New Shoes tale is yet to be told.

Welcum Trifukta!  We’re happy you’re here!  



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