#2: Erections! (I believe this simple headline to be strong enough to stand on its own)

Simple and to the point (although I would have been interested in some Kathering Harris-ish brouhaha ala Bush vs. Gore, but naked, of course).  Don’tYouDare CloseYourEyes has been voted your GM, Five Minute Layover (FML) your AGM and Mathole is you King of Hash Cash.  Hentai Me Down remains or trusty and crowd-controlling RA.  We are all quite humbled by your faith in our abilities, and are updating our personal LinkedIn pages accordingly.  On a celebratory note former GM Tap That Teacher has agreed to be our Ace In The Hole as needed.  Thank you, TTT!  Now, please let me point out that while TTT may be our Ace-In-The-Hole she is by no means our A-Hole.  I’ll take ownership of that title, thank you very much.
On a personal note, I would like to thank FML and Math quite generously.  I’m quite certain this is just the first of many Thank Yous for Saving My Ass.  Let’s get busy!!!

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