#3: A Shitty Pornstache Trail!

Hares Bleeding Gash (sporting a very porn-starry pornstache) and Back Tits McGee laid the most shittiest of live trails through the foreign land of Milford.  Lessons learned #1:  Gash is a big fat liar, claiming trail was four miles-ish.  If one were to wear tech on trail it would be obvious trail was at least seven miles long.  Maybe even eight.  Or 12.  Who the eff knows.
Lesson two:  Back Tits needs to learn the maniacal nature of trail laying.  When I, a possible tech on trail wearer, mentioned the length of the trail I had run he went immediately into Trail Defensive Mode.  “No, the trail was only X” he gloated.  Dumbass.  When the kennel runs further than true trail you should rejoice in the tortuous components of what you laid, not brow-beat Hashers for knowing exactly what the hell you had in mind.  Come to the evil side, Back Tits.  It’s more funner here.
On a critical note the Hare’s did a piss-poor job of marking two, TWO, of five effing booze checks.  Gash, Penis fly Trap and untold others raced back to find boosy treasures, but only the jager was found.
A shitty trail, nonetheless!  Other notes of interest:  Panda Sexpress pointed out to the ever-vigilant Hentai that Virgin Lara’s name was more similarl to maLARAis than the crazy-talk spewing from Hentai in Circle.  Just Sayin

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