And #4: Hot Undies Hash This Saturday at O’Toole’s!!

Directly from our very own AGM FML:

“Ok.  My trail for hot undies will be mostly live 🙂 no shiggy and efficient as fuck to get us with the hot undiers. On out will be exactly 1230p so come early for free pre lube. Also I HAVE to have rsvps by friday if walks want the shirt with their $15″

Got that?  We’re Hashing.  In our Underpants (Yup, underpants are required, my Kilt wearing bretheren).  And drinking BEER!  Is this a great effing country or what?

On-Out NEEDS to be at 12:30 Sharp!  No time for BS-ing because the r*cists among us want to hit Rotten Groton’s Wack N Wabble trail that On-Outs at 3:00 HST.  So, quick math:  Hot Underpants Hash at 12:30 and we’re done by 1:30ish + One Hour Drive to Groten = We’ll sure as shite miss Pre-Lube and On-Out if we get caught with our Hot undies down.  Got it?

Hot Undies is important because, well, doesn’t the name Hot Undies say enough?  Also, the $15 goes toward helping the family and employees from Delaney’s Tap Room, which was tragically lost in a fire recently.  Gotta support the tasty beer-serving community so they may keep serving us.

On-Out!!   DYD


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