HammonASSet Beach Hash!!


Blatant R*cist Behavior! Beer must be very, very near…

I’m currently enjoying the thrills of a raging head cold, so please forgive me if my usually clever bon mots fall short in this posting.  I’ll do my damnedest, though, and will begin by chanting about trees and shrubs and flowers with horns on my, well, you know…

Bust out the plaid flannel Speedos and bikinis, Hashers, we’re hea, oh damn, I mean going to Hammonasset Beach for an early Fall Hash Hared by Tijuana Donkey Fluffer!  I know there was talk of a most-excellent You Don’t Have To Go Home Camp Out Hash, but some of the key players have been struck with plague-like maladies (Thanks, Hentai) and the evil forces known as “real life” have claimed a few others.  We vow to On-On, nonetheless!!
Juicy Details!
WHERE:  Hammonasset Beach State Park.  Debauchery will be taking place in the upper northwest corner.  Address for the GPS (and where you can get a fix on the upper NW) is 1200 Boston Post Road, Madison CT.  Exit 62 off of I95 and then drive south until you hit water.
WHEN:  Saturday, September 27th.  On Out is 2:00 PM.  Please note the earlier time.  The Coast Guard’s Search and Rescue Unit doesn’t like looking for Hashers in the dark, so we moved it up now that the nights are longer than the days.
HASH CASH:  $10.00, which covers tasty food afterward.  And feel free to bring your own snacks to share or horde, as well.
STROLLERABLE / DOGABLE?:  Quite likely No.
HARE:  Tijuana Donkey Fluffer and quite possible FML, as well.
SECRET SURPRISE!:  You’re just going to have to be there.
Please check for update at our Facebook and Meetup pages.  HashSpace works, too.
I think I need to mainline some NyQuil now, so On-Out.

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