DYD’s Effed Up iPod Pants-Off-Dance-Off Hash!


While scouting the trail for this Saturday’s New Haven I got a bit lost.  Okay, maybe a lot lost.  I’d scouted what I thought was the basic plan for this hash a few weeks before so a simple retracing of steps was in order, but I was sadly, sadly mistaken (said the guy who wears GPS tech on trail).

Where once there was the most delightful of evil-intent Beer Checks there was nothing.  But further on I stumbled upon an even more scintillating Check site where the Hashers would be able to enjoy cold beers on trail and then enjoy the thrills of shimmying under another chain-link fence (please refer to the Choked Chicken Hash several weeks ago).  Much maniacal laughter ensued.  Mwahahahaha!
So what changed in the weeks that separated the two scouting expeditions?  I thought long and hard about this for at least three or four minutes when it occurred to me.  My iPod!  Hadn’t worn it on the first foray, but had it blasting an odd array of music into my cranium since leaving the house yesterday morning.  And that’s when the genius of the next Hash jelled.  It would be a Dance Off Hash based upon the effed-up selection shitty music on my iPod!  So here’s the game plan:
Where:  On-Out in the vacant space behind Koffee on Audobon Street in New Haven.  Easiest access is from approximately 37 Whitney Avenue, New Haven,  We’ll be meeting in the lot next to the abandoned canal.
Trail:  A to A-ish, but only because I like to keep you short-cutters guessing.  Maybe about 4.5 miles, unless you get lost, too.
When:  Hash Time is 3:00 PM!  On Out will likely follow by 3:15.  Don’t cum late.
Hash Cash:  $5.00 Cheap.  At least one OTF add a BQ25 for the Beer Check.
What to Bring:  ID and extra cash.  And, of course, New Shoes.
Strollerable:  If you insist.
Dogable:  Yep!  But no yappy dogs.
Park:  East of State Street or in a lot – New haven allows only 2 hours on street.
The Dance Party Dance Off:  I’ve selected a few of the songs from my current wacko playlist and when you reach Checks featuring one of these songs you’ll need to act it out (not to worry, Hashers, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda is not included).  Songs you may or may not dance to are:
Study these and be ready to get your groove On-On!

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