Naked Cowboy Hash – Sat. August 15th


This trail is in honor of Just Evan’s longtime hero and man crush, the Naked Cowboy. Dress accordingly…

When: 3:00pm, Sat. Aug. 15th

Where: Peter’s Rock Park, North Haven. Use the entrance on Middletown Ave. (Rte 17), which is located behind the First Fuel Gas Station. There is a gravel parking lot and pavilion. You can put 133 Middletown Ave into your GPS if you’d like.,

Hares: Tap That Teacher and Just Evan for his Virgin Lay

Drink Checks: 3

Hash Cash: $5 Virgins free

Trail: A to B. Closing circle at point B. Shuttle service…otherwise known as TTT’s van, or a short walk back to point A.

Description/Shiggy Report: Little to no actual shiggy; however, this is an off-road trail (dirt paths with rocks/roots, etc), with some mountain goating and hills. Feel the burn people. Optional, no really, shallow water crossing.

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