White Trash Bash Hash

The time has cum for Just Natalie’s virgin lay! As she pops her ‘haring cherry’ we will also make her dream cum true! Just Natalie will finally get to live out her fantasy of having a “Trashy as Fuck” themed bash! I suppose that’s what people aspire to when living in Iowa?!

So dress as your favorite redneck, hick, trailer trash…the less class the better!! Some suggested trashy items include cutoffs, wife beaters, tramp stamps, overalls and anything else that makes you look like a cousin lovin’, goat humpin, meth dealin’ low life!


So travel down south the the County of Fairfield to the town of Bumble, I mean Trumbull!

WHEN: Saturday, November 7th, 1:00pm (Not 3 pee em….1 pee em)

WHERE: Commuter Lot off Route 25, Trumbull, CT. (use 40 Park St. Trumbull, CT 06611 for your GPS. The entrance to the lot is across the street, can’t miss it!)

HARES: Pee Dignity, and Just Natalie

TRAIL: A to A, 3.5ish miles

HASH CASH: $5, Virgins are free


TRAIL REPORT: Light to Medium NH4 style Shiggy. Shiggy socks are always helpful. You may or may not get wet feet.

ON-AFTER: Marissa’s Ristorante, 6540 Main Street, Trumbull. (This is 4.5 miles from trail, about an 8 min. drive).

Dress up! You know you want to! Don’t be a douche! See you there

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