Run 214: 11/5/2016: Ghouls and Schools Hash, East Haven, Tap That Teacher

Run 213: 10/22/2016: Mathole’s Revenge, Middletown, Mathole

Run 212: 10/8/2016: Boozy Booty Hash, Hamden, Scouts On Her

Run 211: 9/24/2016: HamonnASSett Beach Hash, Madison, Marty McDie

Run 210: 9/10/2016: A Hashy Vacation, Middlefield, Pee Dignity and Cherry Poppins

Run 209: 8/27/2016: Branford, Marty McDie

Run 208, 208.3, 208.7: 8/5, 8/6, 8/7/2016: Hashmat 9, New Haven and Hamden, Binoc U Cock, Master Hater, Just Andrew, Back Tits McGee, Marty McFly, Duck Duck Oops,

Run 207: 7/30/2016: Pants Off Dance Off, Orange,

Run 206: 7/16/2016: Wet Hot American Summer, Woodbridge, Pee Dignity and Back Tits McGee, Fuck off Bleeding Gash and Down on the Rocks

Run 205: 7/2/2016: The Shit, Eh?, New Haven, Mathole

Run 204: 6/18/2016: Meet and Greet Hash, Milford, Back Tits McGee

Run 203: 6/4/2016: Dazed and Confused Hash, Meriden

Run 202: 5/21/2016: Celebrate Good Times Hash, New Haven, Pee Dignity and Down on the Rocks

Run 201: 5/7/2016: It’s the F*cking Madison Wine Mixer, Madison, Marty McDie

Run 200: 4/23/16: It’s the 200th! West Haven, TTT, HIG, BYS, Tweedle Dumb

Run 199: 4/9/16: Spring Has Sprung, Mathole

Run 198: 3/26/16: Vive Italia, Beacon Falls, Just Deb and Pee Dignity

Run 197: 3/12/16: They’re After me Lucky Charms, Guilford, Jolly Green Cowboy

Run 196: 2/27/16: Not Hashmat!, New Haven, Binocucock and Shut the Fuck Up

Run 195: 2/13/16: Bullet for my Valentine Hash, Meriden, Marty McDie and Flicking the Beancock

Run 194: 1/30/16: Rock Legend Tribute, Hamden, That’s Pee in the Corner and Tijuana Donkey Fluffer

Run 193: 1/16/16: A Cherry Poppin’ Good Time, Derby, Back Tits McGee

Run 192: 1/02/16: Double Hangover Hash, West Haven, Tweedle Dumb

Run 191: 12/19/15: Christmahanakwanzakah Hash, Milford, Back Tits McGee and Pee Dignity

Run 190: 12/05/15: Smash and Trash Hash, Smashmouth, New Haven

Run 189: 11/21/15: As Seen on TV Hash, Naugatuck, Mathole

Run 188: 11/07/15: White Trash Bash Hash, Trumbull, Pee Dignity and Just Nat (Virgin Lay)

Run 187: 10/24/15: Ghouls Night Out, New Haven, Tijuana Donkey Fluffer

Run 186.5: 10/19/15: Meet and Greet Hash #2, Branford, Jolly Green Cowboy

Run 186: 10/10/15: Oktoberfest, New Haven, Shut the Fuck Up

Run 185: 9/26/15: Spice Girls Hash, Orange, Pee Dignity and Tap That Teacher

Run 184: 9/12/15: Summer’s Almost Gonzo Hash, West Haven, Tweedle Dumb

Run 183: 8/29/15: Village People Hash, Seymour, Back Tits McGee and Bleeding Gash

Run 182: 8/15/15: Naked Cowboy Hash, Just Evan and TTT, North Haven

Run 181: 8/1/15: I Know What You’re Doing Next Saturday, Branford, Marty McDie

Run 180: 7/18/15: Summer of ’69, Branford, Faceful of Leroy and Cunt for Red Cocktober

Run 179: 7/3/15: ‘Murica, Clinton, w/ RGH3, Tap That Teacher and Master Hater

Run 178: 6/20/15: Pick-up Hash, Milford, Cunt for Red Cocktober, Marty McDie, GIISM

Run 177: 6/6/15: Bambi’s Bitch of a Trail, North Haven, Bambi’s Bitch

Run 176: 5/23/15: Wanking in Wallingford, Wallingford, Just Loki and Just Mishi

Run 175: 5/9/15: Hash for Higher Ed-you-kay-shun, New Haven, Tiajuana Donkey Fluffer

Run 174: 4/25/15: Pocho in You Face, Hamden, Mathole

Run 173: 4/11/15: Winter Fuck Off, Shelton, Back Tits McGee and Pee Dignity

Run 172: 3/28/15: Greatest Hash on Earth, Seymour, Back Tits McGee, Just Paulette

Run 171: 3/14/15: Green and Amber Hash, West Haven, Mathole

Run 170: 2/27, 2/28, 3/1/15: Hashmat 8, New Haven, Binocucock, Tap That Teacher, Blowhole

Run 169: 2/14/15: OH MY GOD. 169 on Valentine’s Day. hahahha

Run 168: 1/31/15: Hi I’m Gay in the Burbs Hash, Orange, HIG

Run 167: 1/18/15: Dead Christmas Tree Hash, Guilford, Smashmouth

Run 166: 1/10/15: North Haven Hash, North Haven, Just Lara and Bleeding Gash

Run 165: 12/20/14: Santa Con Hash, New Haven, Hentai Me Down

Run 164: 12/6/14: Hash of Mystery, Hamden, Mathole

Run 163: 11/22/14: Breakfast in America Morning Hash, Hamden, Don’t You Dare…blah, blah, blah

Run 162: 11/8/14: Winter is Coming Hash, West Haven, Tap That Teacher

Run 161: 10/25/14: Nudes and Beers Hash, New Haven, Dirty Hoe

Run 160: 10/11/14: Pants Off Dance Off Hash, New Haven, Don’t You Dare Close Your Eyes…blah, blah

Run 159: 9/27/14: HammonASSett Beach Hash, Madison, Tijuana Donkey Fluffer

Run 158: 9/20/14: Hot Undies Hash, New Haven, Five Minute Layover

Run 157: 9/13/14: Epic Pornstache Forever Hash, Milford, Bleeding Gash and Back Tits McGee

Run 156: 8/30/14: Choked Chicken Hash, New Haven, Don’t You Dare and Faceful of Leroy (naming)

Run 155: 8/16/14: Rising Sun Hash, Branford, Tijuana Donkey Fluffer and Back Tits McGee (naming)

Run 154: 8/5/14: Impromptu Phoenix Visitor (Trifukta) Hash, New Haven, Hentai (Leroyyyy Jenkins!!!)

Run 153: 8/2/14: No Holiday Hash, Milford, Mathole

Run 152: 7/19/2014: DMV Hash, Hamden, Hentai

Run 151: 7/5/14: Independence Day Hash, Wallingford, Tap That Teacher

Run 150: 6/21/14: Summer Solstice Hash, Guilford, Smash Mouth

Run 149: 6/7/14: Blair Witch Hash, New Haven, Don’t You Dare Close Your Eyes

Run 148: 5/24/14: Memorial Day Massacre Hash, Yale, Blowing You Softly

Run 147: 5/10/14: 1/2 Hash, Westville, Five Minute Layover

Run 146: 4/26/14: Polka Dot Hash, Stratford, Badonkadonk

Run 145: 4/12/14, Boner/NH4 Level 3 Hash, New Haven, Penis Fly Trap and Duck Duck Oops

Run 144: 3/29/14, Ansonia, Mathole

Run 143:  3/15/14, Dress Green Hash, Hamden, Tap That Teacher

Run 142:  3/1/14, Virgin Hash, Wooster Square area, Don’t You Dare Close Your Eyes

Run 141: Hashmat Hash, 2/14, 15/16/14, Diggs Cock, Bi Nock U Cock, Hi I’m Gay, Taint No Savior, New Haven

Run 140: Birthday Boy Hash, New Haven, 2/1/2014, One Ton Soup, Hentai Me Down, Cooter Shooter

Run 139: Valley Hash, Seymour, 1/18/2014, Just Jeff

Run 138: Hangover Hash, Momauguin East Haven, 1/4/2014, Tap That Teacher

Run 137: SantaCon Hash, Downtown New Haven, 12/21/13, Five Minute Layover

Run 136: Krampuslauf Hash, East Rock Park, 12/7/13, Blowing You Softly,

Run 135:Turkey Trail, Branford, 11/23/2013, Smashmouth

Run 134: Zombie Hash, New Haven, 11/9/13, Hentai Me Down; Bambi’s Bitch

Run 133: West Rock Hash, New Haven, 10/26/13, Bambi’s Bitch

Run 132: White Dress Run, New Haven, 10/12/13, Tap That Teacher

Run 131: FML’s Pity Party Hash, Hammonasett Beach, Madison, 9/28/13, Five Minute Layover

Run 130: O’Toole’s Hot Undies Run, 9/14/13, Mathole and Penis Fly Trap

Run 129: Vertical Hamden Hash, 8/31/13, Blowing You Softly and Taint No Savior

Run 128: New Haven Hash, 8/17/13, Taint No Savior and Duck Duck Oops

Run 127: Downtown New Haven Hash, 8/3/13, Penis Fly Trap and Mouthful of Gu

Run 126: Milford Beach Heat Wave Hash, Tap That Teacher, Duck Duck Oops I’m Fallinnnnngggggg!

Run 125: Hamden Hash, 7/6/13, Duck Duck Oops

Run 124: Adventure Hash, 6/22/13, FML

Run 123: West Haven Beach Hash, 6/8/13, Duck Duck Oops

Run 122: Science Hash and Beer Mile, 5/25/13, Milford, Penis Fly Trap and Jack Off All Trades

Run 121:  West Haven Fun Run, 5/11/13, Tweedle Dumb

Run 120: Kentucky Derby Hash, 5/4/13, Tap That Teacher

Run 119: Easter Hash, Hamden, 3/30/13, Hentai Me Down and Penis Fly Trap

Run 118: St. Patty’s Day Hash, New Haven, 3/16/13, Five Minute Layover and Penis Fly Trap

Run 117: HashMat VI, New Haven, 2/23/13 Hi, I’m Gay and Blowing You Softly

Run 116: Hig’s Return, Hamden, 1/26/13 Hi, I”m Gay

Run 115: New Haven Hash House Harriers Holiday Humbug Hash, 12/8/12 Tap That Teacher

Run 114: Guilford, 11/24/12 Smashmouth

Run 113: Seymour, 11/10/12 Hentai Me Down

Run 112: New Haven, 10/27/12 Tap That Teacher (Annual White Dress Run)

Run 111: New Haven, 10/13/12 Hi I’m Gay

Run 110: Milford, 9/29/12 Likes to Bang Poles (Annual Milford Death March)

Run 109: New Haven, 9/15/12 Hentai Me Down

Run 108: Guilford, 9/1/12 Smashmouth

Run 107: Milford, 8/18/12 Jack-Off All Trades and Blowing You Softly

Run 106: Portland, 8/4/12 Tweedle Dumb and Hairy Fritter

Run 105: New Haven, 7/22/12 Hentai Me Down

Run 104: East Haven, Tap That Teacher

Run 103: New Haven, Prancer

Run 102: Middlebury, Five-Minute Layover

Run 101: Milford, Just Aymii and Hi, I’m Gay

Run 100: Hamden, C*cktoberfest and Dr. G

Run 99: West Haven, Blowing You Softly

Run 98: Guilford, Smashmouth

Run 97: Branford, Tap That Teacher

Run 96: New Haven, Tap That Teacher (Hashmat Recovery Run)

Run 95: New Haven, Hi, I’m Gay (5th Annual Hashmat Run)

Run 94: New Haven, Retardando (Pubcrawl Prelube for Hashmat Run)

Run 93: New Haven, Smashmouth

Run 92: New Haven, Rat Blowjob

Run 91: New Haven, Hotbox and Hi, I’m Gay (Santa Con)

Run 90: Bethel, Likes to Bang Poles

Run 89: New Haven, Dirty Hoe

Run 88: Seymour, Hentai

Run 87: New Haven, Blowing You Softly

Run 86: Milford, Dirty Hoe (Halloween Run)

Run 85: New Haven, Tap That Teacher (Annual White Dress Run)

Run 84: Derby, Malt Lickher and Five Minute Layover

Run 83: Madison, Smashmouth

Run 82: Hamden, Hi, I’m Gay

Run 81: Orange, Malt LickHer and Ruthless

Run 80: New Haven, Touching Schoolboys

Run 80: Trumbull, Dickensoup

Run 79: West Haven, Tap That Teacher and Malt LickHer

Run 78: New Haven, Smashmouth

Run 77: Milford, Likes To Bang Poles

Run 76:  Hamden, Dr. G (Just Say No Hash for Hotbox and Hi, I’m Gay)

Run 75: Manchester, Boner Coaster and PooPooPlatter

Run 74: East Haven, Tap That Teacher

Run 73: Milford, Likes To Bang Poles and Icebox

Run 72: New Haven, Whisky Business and Funbags

Run 69: New Haven – C*cktoberfest and Bad Dog (Hashmat Run 2011)

Run 68.99: New Haven, MaltLickher and Goattits (Hashmat Prelube)

Run 68.98: New Haven, Touching Schoolboys

Run 68: Guilford, Tap That Teacher

Run 67: Derby, Fireball

Run 66: New Haven, Smashmouth

Run 65: New Haven, HotBox, Seamen Sucker, Howlermonkey (New Year’s)

Run 64: New Haven, C*cktoberfest (Santacon)

Run 63: Milford, Likes To Bang Poles and Icebox

Run 62: New Haven, Tap That Teacher

Run 61: Trumbull, Dickensoup

Run 60: New Haven, Hotbox and Hi, I’m Gay (White Dress Run)

Run 59: East Haven, Tap That Teacher

Run 58: Hamden, Skatwoman and C*ctoberfest

Run 57: New Haven, HIG and Boner Coaster (Brewery Run)

Run 56: West Haven, Glutenfree (formerly known as Just Dan)

Run 55: New Haven, Hi, I’m Gay

Run 54: Guilford, Smashmouth (with NASSH3)

Run 53: Moodus, Highbush and Garfield (with Hartford H3)

Run 52: Hamden, MaltLickHer and Goattits

Run 51: New Haven, Glory Hole, Wang Banger & Just Meera

Run 50: Hamden, C*cktoberfest and Dr. G

Run 49: East Haven, Tap that Teacher

Run 48: North Haven, HotBox and Hi, I’m Gay

Run 47: New Haven, Just Miles and Kamwhore.com (Häagen-Dash Run)

Run 46: Middletown, Boner Donor (Hartford Revival Hash No. 4)

Run 45: Trumbull, Dickensoup and Just Jeff (Custom Brew Hash)

Run 44: New Haven, Goat Tits and Malt LickHer (Toga Hash)

Run 43: New Haven, AHHHtung (H7) and Dr. G (Hashmat Run 2010)

Run 42: New Haven, Bad Dog (DCH4) and C*cktoberfest (Hashmat Prelube)

Run 41: Westville, Live Hares: Gloryhole, Just Andy & Kamwhore.com

Run 40: New Haven, Dr. G

Run 39: New Haven, Hotbox and Hi, I’m Gay

Run 38: New Haven,- C*cktoberfest (Santacon Hash)

Run 37: New Haven, HotBox, SSucker, Just Patrice, T Wings, Retardando (Thanksgiving)

Run 36: New Haven, Gloryhole and Hi, I’m Gay (First White Dress Run)

Run 35: Milford, Likes to Bang Poles and Icebox

Run 34: Hamden, Kamwhore.com and Dr. G

Run 33: Branford, Smashmouth

Run 32: New Haven, Malt LickHer (West Rock Run)

Run 31: Woodbridge, Dr. G and Hi, I’m Gay (Brewery Hash)

Run 30: New Haven, Hi, I’m Gay (Barbeque Run East Rock)

Run 29: Milford, Likes to Bang Poles (NH4 and Bethel H#)

Run 28: Guilford, Smashmouth (NASSH3 and NH4)

Run 27: Hamden, Hi, I’m Gay (Sleeping Giant Run)

Run 26: Hartford, Boner Donor (Hartford H3 revival run)

Run 25: Hamden, Poodle Do and Dr. G (Easter Beer Hunt)

Run 24: New Haven, C*fest & Hi, I’m Gay (New Haven Haz Hash)

Run 23: Guilford, Hi, I’m Gay (Shiggy Winter Hash)

Run 22: Hamden, C*cktoberfest (Holiday Tree Trimming Hash)

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