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Tribute to (Summer of) 69! Hash


Welcum wankers! Trail #69 + 111 (#180 for you non-Matholes), is dedicated to 69, I mean, the Summer of ’69. Show your summer spirit and love of ’69 by dressing up in your best beach wear, hippy outfit, Bryan Adams costume or birthday suit because we love 69, er….the Summer of ’69!!

Where: Veteran’s Memorial Park, Brushy Plain Road, Branford

Hares: Face Full of Leroy and Cunt for Red Cocktober

Time: 2:30 show, 2:69 to go

Hash Cash: $5, Virgins (first-timers) Freeeee!

Shiggy: 6.9%-ish

Recommendations: Bug Spray, Sun Block, Shiggy Socks. There will be water if you choose to get wet-ter.


My Bloody Valentine Hash, Saturday, February 14th

my-bloody-valentine-3dSo, here we have the 169th trail of the New Haven Hash House Harriers….what could be more fitting on Valentine’s Day?? Our hare, Marty McDie, will be leading us to our graves, I mean on a shitty trail on this most terrifying, I mean romantic, day of the year, through Branford. So cum by yourself, with your significant other, or roll the dice and hope to get lucky at the hash!

Trail: A to A

When: 1:00pm

Where: Ecology Park, Marshall Road, Branford

Miles: 5-ish

Beer checks: 2 – 3

Shiggy: Light to Mild (approx. 25% of trail)

Hash Cash: $5

Virgins: Always free!!!!

And don’t forget to register for Hashmat!!! Coming soon – Feb. 27, 28, and March 1!

Rising Sun Hash

mr-miyagi1Start location: Branford train station parking lot (39 Maple Street)
3 pee em
Trail: A to A, live hares: Tiajuana Donkey Fluffer and Just Ed. Turkey/Eagle split, 5-ish miles, 2-3 beer checks, some off-road but not really shiggy.
$5 hash cash

From TDF: My house is too small to fit more than 3 1/2 midgets, so the on-after will be determined by drunk folks upon completion of trail.

Wax on, wax off. Hash like they do in Japan and make Mr. Miyagi proud (he was from Okinawa). I will try to lay the trail like i learned at my first kennel in the mysterious Far East. Wear anything vaguely Japanese related and get a shot of a special drink that I smuggled back to this country at the end of trail. I guess in the case of BYS, get a shot of special water? Chopsticks optional.

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