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As Seen on TV Hash – SUNDAY, November 22nd


Who doesn’t love gadgets? You know you do….. And who hasn’t seen a gadget on an infomercial that seemed awesome??

But…maybe you didn’t have the werewithall (or the guts) to call and order that Paintstick or 1-Second Slicer at the time. Well, now you can live out your gadget fantasies! (at least the PG ones…)

So grab your Stompees and your CamiSecret, pimp out your Snuggie, or just cum dressed as a Shake Weight! Either way, cum be a part of the biggest NH4 infomercial EVAH!

When: SUNDAY, November 22nd….note day change. This is not a Saturday people. At 1:00pee-em.

Where: Linden Park, Naugatuck. Take Route 8 North to Exit 27, take a left off the ramp, and you’re there.

Hare: Mathole

Trail: A to A, 3.5ish miles

Hash Cash: $5, Virgins always free

Shiggy level: Not much…you know what tends to happen on Mathole’s trails. Yup, rain.

On-after: Union Street Station, 23 Union St. Naugatuck.

But wait! There’s more! We’re hashing on a Sunday because New Haven’s very own Faceful of Leroy will be joining us straight from the tropical rainforests of Grenada on her way to sunny California. Cum on down and visit with her!

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