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Hash #198: Vive Italia! Saturda, March 26th

The Irish had their day, but Italians rule! We are the #1 exporter of wine, have awesome food and invented the orgy! What else do you need? Whether you are an Italian Stallion, wish you were, or just ride one, let us make you an offer you can’t refuse! Cum out and celebrate all that is Italian!

If you don’t, Andate tutti a vaffanculo!

Hares: Just Deb’s Virgin Lay, and Pee Dignity

When: Saturday, March 26th, 1:00pm

Where: Matthies Park, Beacon Falls. Take Rte 42 (Pine Bridge road) to Back Rimmon Road, which is the entrance of Woodland Regional High School. When turning onto Back Rimmon Road, fork right into the entrance of Matthies Park.

Trail: 3-4 miles, A to A

Drink Checks: 3+ beverage checks, special Italian checks and a challenge, and probably some food – it’s the Italian way! Please bring vessels on trail.

Trail report: Mix of trails, roads, and light NH4 shiggy.

Hash Cash: $5, virgins are free

On-After: American Pie and Pub, 15 Klarides Village Drive, Seymour

The Greatest Hash on Earth – Sat. March 28th

Halloween 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wankers of all ages, (provided those ages are 21+),

Welcome to the Greatest Hash on Earth! Did you know that on March 28th, 1881, the “Greatest Show on Earth” was formed by PT Barnum & James Bailey? Of course not; hashers are not that smart!

So, in honor of this re-dick-u-lous fact, we are having a Circus Hash on March 28th. In an astounding feat, never before attempted by man (or wo-man), the Skull and Boners Hash House Freaks and the New Haven Hash House Oddities will lay a death-defying trail for all to enjoy!

Cum one, cum all and we hope you do! Mystify your fellow hashers and cum dressed as your favorite Circus Freak, Clown, Strong Man, Sword Swallower (yes please), Bearded Lady, Knife Thrower (yes you, Marty McDie), contortionist, etc. Or if you were too drunk and forgot to hash for St. Paddy’s Day, you could always wear your green dress.

Hares: Back Tits McGee, Just Paulette, Taint No Savior, Just Art

When: Saturday, March 28th, 2:00pm

Hash Cash: $5 – two shows for the price of one!

NH4 trail: On out at Pub 67 in Seymour (227 West Street). Park in the lot behind CVS. 2.5 miles true trail (A to B).

SBH3: Clown car ride from B to C, the start of the Boner trail. Dry bag or die!! Trail C to C.

Yes, you read right! Transportation included from point B to C, and back to A for On-after.

We hope to see you under the Big Top! On-on!!

Valley Hash

Cum and hash with us for Just Jeff’s virgin trail…in the famous Valley of Central CT!

When? 3:00pm
Where? 20 Highland Street, Seymour, CT
What? A to A trail, $5 hash cash. Not strollerable. You may get….wet….
At least one beer check on trail.

Let’s support our very own Viking in Residence Just Jeff!


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