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Double Hangover Hash – Saturday, January 2nd

After partying ’til you puke on Thursday and watching football ’til you puke on Friday, why not fight off the DTs and get your New Year on-on with a little hashing?

When: Saturday, January 2nd, 2016, 1:00pm

Where : 24 Annawon Avenue, West Haven (on-street parking)

Hare: Tweedle Dumb

Hash Cash: $5, Virgins (first timers) are free. Pre-lube and circle beer included.

Trail: 3 miles-ish. A to A, snow or shine, one beer stop (bring cash and IDs), circle under subterranean climate controlled conditions, warm vittles included.

On-After: Tweedle and Hairy Fritter’s crib.

See you all then wankers!


Greenish Trash

A small group braved the shitty pouring rain to join Mathole (wait…it was pouring on a Mathole trail??? The meteorologists should hire him, no joke!) through a tour of gorgeous, scenic downtown West Haven. The wearing of the green was abundant; even Bleeding Gash wore a green diaper to join in on the festivities! Blobs of pink flour led the pack through the West Haven Green. The racist bastards, otherwise known as the show-off males of the group, Gash, Back Tits McGee and Marty McDie, led the cool chicks, Just Paulette, Just Mishi, Jersey Shhhwhore, and Tap That Teacher. Our outfits, especially Gash’s festive diaper, elicited car honks and stares of disbelief all along the trail.

There was actual more-than-10-feet of shaggy, through the snow and a stream…not sure why the water was green; we’re not gonna think about that right now. An off (on?) the foot of Baileys was found in a park, and then back to the on-out it was! photo (5)

Circle was stealthily held in the gazebo on the green, stupendously RA’d by Mathole. FRB….one guess. DFL….one guess. Down downs to TTT for losing her shortcutting skills, Gash for cranium gear in circle, Mathole for PBR light…who even knew??? Mishi as a returning hasher, TTT for alcohol abuse. (Should’ve been everyone else for making her laugh, duh). TTT for false acusation, Paulette for wallflowering, Gash & Back Tits for something homosexual I’m sure. Marty and Jersey…..did we even make them drink? Who knows?

On-after at Duffy’s Tavern, birthplace of NH4, with the addition of Just Loki.


Green and Amber Hash! Saturday, March 14th


Beware the ides of March! No, wait…that’s Sunday the 15th, never mind. There won’t be anything to beware on Saturday the 14th…so we can fully concentrate on getting our hash on in true St. Patrick’s Day style – with the Wearin’ o’ the Green and the Drinkin’ o’ the Amber!

Mathole will hare a trail starting from the Green and venturing through some scenic Amber along the way. All the while, we’ll be wearing our finest green and drinking the finest amber brew that the hare has to offer.

When: Saturday, March 14th. 3:00pm. (Daylight Savings Time is back, bitchezzz!)

Where: West Haven Town Green. Church St. looks to be the best place to park, as there is no posted time limit on that street.

Hash Cash: $5

Wear: Green!!! That’s not hard, is it?

Also bring: Vessel (for your Amber), Cash for the on-after, virgins, and your Irish spirit

Since Mathole is haring….there is 100% chance of rain. It’ll be just like Eire! A wee lite drizzle won’t stop us though, will it???


Waste Haven hash – Let the new guy lay your trail – June 8th

Trail this Saturday!

Starting point:

Chicks Drive In
183 Beach St
West Haven, CT 06516


On-After: umm… a bar?

It’s a shitty trail, but it’s the worst I could do.

Email or Call if you have suggestions or concerns, so I can blow you off.


If you don’t like PBR byob

Ducky (Duck Duck Oops)

New! Next Hash May 11th!

Come hash in the official birth place of the New Haven Hash House Harriers! New Haven native Tweedle Dumb promises a shitty trail for his first ever NH4 lay!

What: NH4 Trail # 120!!!

When: This Saturday, May 11th, 3:00pm

Where: Parking lot across from Randall’s restaurant, 236 Platte Ave., West Haven, CT 06516

Hare: Tweedle Dumb

Bring: $5 plus some beer money, virgins, your drinking shoes


Savin Rock West Haven

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